I thank you for your interest in The Rocky Raccoon Revival. It has been a labor of love, but even more than that, I strongly believe it to be a God inspired work with a relevant message that can reach a diverse audience of Christians and non-Christians alike. It has also been edited by NY Times best-selling author and director of the writing program at Taylor University, Dr. Dennis Hensley. I am represented by my agent, Les Stobbe.

The following proposal provides you information about the novel and its business plan. For more information including the novel summary, chapter-by-chapter synopses, and sample chapters, please contact Les Stobbe or me, and we will be more than happy to provide you with those details.

  1. The Content
    1. Premise

      New England, the historic home of many of our nation's major revivals is now in a spiritual void. Even the prominent seminary along the North Shore is in just as much need of a spiritual revival as the community that surrounds it. The school, community, and eventually the whole region is going to be awakened by a revival that occurs in this most unlikely place, led by the most unlikely person, a Christian who works in the seminary's cafeteria nicknamed, “Rocky Raccoon.”

    2. Unique Selling Proposition

      The Rocky Raccoon Revival is a Christian work meant to educate, edify, affirm, and inspire Christians. It is not just a story, but I pray that it can also be used as a devotional novel.

      Additionally, it is also intended to reach a sizable non-Christian audience with its contemporary subject matter and frank discussion about Christianity. Rocky has encounters with atheists, homosexuals, practitioners of the occult, and those who have backslid in their faith. Many will be able to relate to or learn from the experiences of the various characters Rocky encounters.

    3. Manuscript

      The manuscript is complete, with a word count of 89,000. Illustrations have been created specifically for The Rocky Raccoon Revival, with an emphasis on the front and back cover art.

      I am considering the inclusion of a “Special Features” section at the end of the book, serving as a chapter-by-chapter “author commentary,” not unlike a director commentary included on a DVD. The purpose would be to elaborate on theological points, offer clarification, provided historical information, and also delve into the creative process involved in writing a novel.

  2. The Market
    1. Demographic Description

      The book has a broad scope, wherein a college student can appreciate the same timeless message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a senior citizen. The theme of grace and the cross will always transcend all boundaries conceived by Mankind.

    2. Psychographic Description

      Aside from the Christian reader who will be drawn to the encouraging, uplifting, and unpredictable qualities of the novel, The Rocky Raccoon Revival's title lends itself to a sizable demographic, Beatles fans (song Rocky Raccoon from "The White Album.” Although vilified in some Christian circles, the Beatles have inspired many Christian musicians, including Phil Keaggy, Rich Mullins, dc Talk, and U2. The title may be enough to catch someone's attention, and invite that prospective reader to consider purchasing the novel. I can speak from personal experience that Rich Mullins’s picture on the cover of Brennan Manning’s The Ragamuffin Gospel prompted me to want to see what the book was about, which I did end up purchasing.

      Additionally, the story is semi-autobiographical, and based upon a compilation of real life events. In other words, if the reader ever stops to think, “This could never happen”, I can assure the reader that somewhere it has. No one is receiving super powers like Superman and flying through space. The miraculous that occurs in the story is based upon real life circumstances and testimonies, which in turn makes the story more powerful, as God’s will always surpass my finite imagination.

      The story is based in part on a survey conducted by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary professor, Dr. Garth Rosell, who discovered that the most well read region of the country (New England) was also the region of the country that read the Bible the least. Even though all the major revivals in our nation's history have started in New England, it is now the most unlikely place to find such a revival. The Rocky Raccoon Revival is about a revival occurring in the most unlikely place, led by the most unlikely person.

    3. Affinity Group
      1. High School/College aged Christians actively involved in Church or a Christian fellowship
      2. High School/College aged non-Christian seekers, interested, but perhaps not ready to engage a Christian friend in such a conversation
      3. Christians of any age interested in apologetics
      4. Beatles fans
      5. Christians with a heart for evangelism
      6. Christians interested in how to view and deal with popular culture
      7. Readers who enjoy Cable News politically debate driven programs
    4. Competition

      The Rocky Raccoon Revival might bring to mind the 1977 film, “Oh, God!” given that God chooses to work through an unlikely person to initiate a revival. Even though there are comparisons that can be made between this successful film starring George Burns and John Denver, and my novel, I think the major difference when contrasting the two works is that The Rocky Raccoon Revival is Christ centered and not seeking to cater to a politically correct Unitarian God who views both Mohammed and Buddha to be His sons in the same manner in which Jesus Christ alone can make this claim of divinity.

      The Ray Stevens song, The Mississippi Squirrel Revival also plays upon the theme of a revival initiated by God through the most unlikely instrument, which in this case was “a half-crazed Mississippi squirrel.” The song is also a part of the namesake of the novel.

      As it pertains to other books, I am not familiar with any similar work of fiction in the market today, although there is a wealth of non-fiction books about revival, typically focusing on historic revivals and their leaders. I do view The Rocky Raccoon Revival as being more accessible and understandable for the average reader not used to reading books of theology or history.

  3. The Author
    1. Background

      I earned my BA in both history and political science from The Ohio State University. I then pursued a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where I was honored with the Billy Graham Scholarship. I then earned my Master of Education at OSU. I have been active in ministry and I am a professor of history Indiana Wesleyan University.

    2. Personal Marketing

      As can be seen by my website,, I am available and capable of promoting the novel online, and I also have a proven track record of public speaking in front of large crowds, churches, and classrooms. I am able to convey a persuasive, engaging, and informative message to a broad audience, and have sales experience as well. As a former salesman, I can speak from personal experience that any salesperson excels when he or she believes in his or her product. Needless to say, I believe in The Rocky Raccoon Revival and will seek to promote it.